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Posted by Andy Pott on Jun 07, 2022

Waukesha WI, USA. Horizon Performance Technologies LLC (Horizon) announces the acquisition of all intellectual property of Perceptive Industries Inc. (Perceptive). Since 2002 Perceptive has been supplying industrial ovens to the metal fastener and coatings industry, and the thermal processing industry throughout the USA; as well as delivering equipment globally to international based metal coaters.

This acquisition further expands Horizon’s product line and geographic presence. The Perceptive product line is complementary to Horizon’s already existing Industrial Oven and Washer product lines for the metal finishing industry, thermal processing and industrial cleaning lines operating costs.

Jeff Mitchell, President of Horizon, said, “We’re excited about this strategic acquisition of Perceptive’s intellectual property. This allows Horizon to continue to serve Perceptive's customer, provide equipment service and spare parts through our online portal, and will allow us to adapt our patented technology to the Perceptive equipment. Perceptive customers will benefit from energy saving designs to be implemented on any new equipment purchases and allows us to expand our geographic presence, product and service offerings, and customer base. We look forward to working with Perceptive’s customer base and providing our first-rate service.”

About Horizon Performance Technologies LLC

Horizon Performance Technologies LLC (Horizon) is an OEM engaged in the design and manufacturing of industrial capital equipment in the heat processing and finishing industries including ovens, washers, and material handling. The Horizon team has over 200 years’ experience in industrial manufacturing and engineering.

Horizon is a technology driven company, with patents in thermal processing and industrial cleaning. These patented designs have been instrumental in allowing Horizon equipment users to save up to 75% energy when compared to conventional design. Horizon serves a global industrial manufacturing base including the automotive, energy, metal finishing, glass, aerospace, aluminum, and composite industries.

Horizon is headquartered in the Midwest near Milwaukee WI, USA. (

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