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      Horizon customizes industrial equipment for heat processing, cleaning, and material handling. We offer equipment such as industrial ovens, industrial washers, heat exchanger processing equipment, thermal degreasers, and complete finishing systems. Our equipment is used in all major industries from Aerospace to Trucking. Our Cyclone Oven™ and Torrent Washer™ Technologies are uniquely positioned to offer our customer precise control over the production process while at the same time conserve precious resources.

      Our Equipment:


      Horizon Performance Technologies has partnered with numerous Automotive Suppliers fulfilling their Thermal Processing and Cleaning requirements. Our Batch Ovens, Conveyor Ovens, and industrial washers are used in many thermal processing applications producing thousands of parts.


      Precision temperature uniformity, high volume of air and long process cycles require robust engineered and manufactured Thermal Process Equipment. Horizon Cyclone Batch Ovens delivers unsurpassed performance while also reducing the energy consumption.


      For high performance glass production requirements our customers turn to Cyclone Ovens™ as the only answer to ensure 100% temperature uniformity. Our Conveyor Ovens outperform the conventional design processing hundreds of miles of glass daily. Whether smart glass or treated glass Horizon will customize a multi-zoned Cyclone Oven™ that will produce to the strictest standards.


      As energy producers annealing and hardening copper, steel, aluminum, and various other metals is your business. Ours is to provide state of the art thermal process equipment that delivers uniform and consistent results. Our Cyclone Oven™ product line consisting of Batch Ovens ™" and Conveyor Ovens are made to order for your specific process.


      Saving energy is at the forefront of every Horizon Washer and Oven. The Torrent Washer™ and Cyclone Ovens™ require 70% less energy when compared to conventional technology. Whether you are preheating, curing, heat treating, and finishing you will want to include Torrent Washer™ and Cyclone Ovens™ as your process equipment.


      Adhesion and epoxy curing, burn-in, and reliability testing of semiconductor and electronic components are just some of the processes. Our Cyclone Ovens™ provide the latest in thermal process technology to offer repeatability and unequalled heat temperature uniformity throughout the work chamber. The quality of your product starts with Cyclone Technology™ Cyclone Ovens™


      Landing gear, crank shafts, bearings, valves, engine blades and various other parts require cleaning and thermal processing. Torrent Washer™and Cyclone Ovens™ fulfill the role in this important market. Our custom designed equipment meets your specifications.

      Carbon Fiber:

      When high strength and low weight carbon composite material is needed then so is a premium thermal process work chamber with extreme tight temperature uniformity. Cyclone Ovens™ provide this with 70% less energy usage than the conventional designs. High air volume and low horsepower equal a uniform temperature uniformity.

      Military :

      With the strictest specification trust Torrent Washer™ and Cyclone Ovens™ to clean and thermal process your military hardware. Our custom designed equipment will exceed your specifications.

      3D Printing :

      Bench Top or house size heating chambers,Cyclone Ovens™ will provide a uniform temperature uniformity at an unparallel operating cost. No other oven in the industry can save operating cost like Cyclone Ovens™

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