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      Industrial Control Panels

      An industrial control panel is used for control of mechanical equipment and machinery. They are typically made up of two or more electrical power and control components. Typical components in an industrial control panel can include, but are not limited to:

      • Switches and Relays
      • Breakers
      • Terminal blocks
      • Contactors
      • Transformers
      • Power Supply
      • Motor drives
      • Wire & Wireway

      Control panels can be put into service for indoor or outdoor use, depending on the NEMA rating such as 3, 4, or 12. These panels can also be modified for specific areas for hazardous locations. The European alternative to NEMA ratings are IP ratings. See below chart for a summary of some NEMA and IP rating enclosures.

Industrial Control panel
Classification Used For IP Rating
NEMA 1 To protect from objects and personnel, but no protection from dust, oil, water or dirt. IP23
NEMA 2 Indoor use. Limited protection from water and dirt. IP30
NEMA 3 Outdoor use. Protection against solid elements, but limited protection from water. IP64
NEMA 3R Typically, outdoor use for junction boxes. Some protection against elements. IP32
NEMA 4 Used where a washdown occurs. Protections from pressurized stream of water. Door is clamped with gasket. IP66
NEMA 4X Used for protection against harsh environments. IP66
NEMA 6 Indoor or outdoor use. Protection against entry of water when submersed at limited depth. IP67
NEMA 12 Indoor use. Protection against drips, falling dirt, and non-corrosive liquids IP55
NEMA 13 Indoor use. Protection against dust, spraying water and non-corrosive liquids IP65

      Efficiency and Innovation for Industrial Control Panels

      Horizon Performance Technologies LLC (Horizon) designs and builds all of our control panels. These control panels, along with the combustion gas trains, allow customers to operate their equipment safely and conveniently from one location. The control panel can be stand-alone or mounted directly to the equipment.

      Components in our control panels include: VFD’s, SCR’s, PLC’s, HMI’s, circuit breakers, push-buttons, switches, relays, terminals and more. The PLC operates the equipment and monitors critical safety components that provide indication of heater or fan related issues, which can be accessed, and rectified via ethernet.

      An HMI is used to interface the control panel with the human operator. Typically, our control panels will have a PanelView or multiple keyboards for the HMI. The PanelView HMI is typically a touch screen about 7 to 10 inches wide, and is interfaced with the PLC that will allow for control and management of the entire system.

      Safety is always a concern when designing industrial control panels, which is why Horizon offers several additional safety components such as motor disconnects and finger-safe parts.

      Horizon uses top of the line technology to best suit your system requirements. In order to do so, we have strong relationships with leading manufacturers of control components. Manufacturers we use include: Allen Bradley, Eaton, Hoffman, SCE, Phoenix Contact, Watlow, and more.

Open Industrial Control Panel
Horizon Industrial Control Panel

      Industrial Control Panel Construction and Features

      • Complete prewired electrical components.
      • NEMA 12, 4, or 4X enclosures.
        • Option stainless-steel enclosures.
      • Circuit breakers and IEC motor protectors with contactors.
      • Variable frequency drives to control fans, conveyor, pumps, etc.
      • Option PLC and HMI touch screen operation.
      • Digital temperature controllers interfaced to the PLC.
      • Switches, pilot lights, timers, relays, terminals and more.
      • Stack lights with alarms buzzer. Silencing circuit typically located on the panel.
      • Option motor disconnects switches to lock out motors


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